Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bright Lights, Atlantic City

I have been a busy girl as of late. All maintaining a social life, going to New York for a couple days, and oh yes, my computer DYING. Thank dog I have a sweet (if dirt cheap) laptop to save my ass, and a valiant effort made by Damien to fix the damn broken hard drive. He thankfully was able to recover my documents, but pretty much everything else? Bye-bye.

No more photoshop, no more sig pics. :(

Damien and I are going to fabulous Atlantic City this friday, actually staying the night in a cute (and by "cute" I mean large) boutique hotel - the Chelsea, if you're interested - and throwing away what will be absolutely no more than $40 on the penny slots. I am praying that I will not be stupid enough to forget my cancer-sticks and end up buying a $10 pack at the nearest casino. I really, really need to quit. But in a casino? Which is like a giant ashtray? It will be a challenge.

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Tummy said...

Poor Slice :( Computer problems suck.

Lucky Slice :) A little get-a-way vacation.

and yes, you do need to quit smoking. At least cigarettes.