Thursday, November 20, 2008

The theme...

Damien got me hooked on some Toto.

And I think this song is how I am feeling...

I'll Supply the Love

There's a cool prog-esque synth progression at the end... which is to say nothing of the sweet vocals in this one.

Much <3, honey.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


1) Obvious joy at having found a wonderful gentleman. I am loving the nerd factor. I FINALLY beat him at Scrabble the other day (on some jerk-words, like the ones he occasionally uses). On two consecutive nights, we watched Star Trek IV (the one with the whales), and Star Trek II (Wrath of Khan), and he seems to tolerate my love for Chekov. Of course, now we keep saying "nuclear wessels" to each other. If you do not get this, you should be thankful. It will genuinely be tough to go home for Thanksgiving, because it means 5-6 days without seeing him. So this is what a "normal" relationship feels like.

2) I am loving the hell out of my crock pot. Except for the fact that 90% of recipes seem to involve beans, cheese, butter, or cream-of-something soup. I can't eat those things, people! Why the dearth of relatively healthy eats for the slow-cooker? I have been making lean-beef stew, which is not unhealthy, thank god, and I made some kind of lemon-garlic chicken and rice the other day, which was okay, but too lemony, perhaps. Next: chicken in marinara sauce. Couldn't be possible to screw that up.

3) Home stretch at school. On December 17th, my final paper for 19th century lit is due. I am terrified, because I am SO close to graduation that I can taste it (figuratively). I will have a MASTERS in like, a month. That blows my mind.

4) Teaching stuff... I have a math CLEP test to take on Friday because I have exactly 3 college math credits to my name (earned with AP calculus in high school) and I need 6 in order to get into the certification program. I am a math tutor (granted, the math on the SAT gets no more difficult that maybe 10th grade level at highest), but I am frightened by the prospect of having to remember how logarithms work. I have been studying off the internets, and this stuff is slow to come back. That said, I think I will probably pass (need a 50 of 60), and then I will likely get into the program. Which makes me happy, because it means I will have a future.

5) My finances are running low. A lot of my money was invested in Citigroup, which is worth about $10 a share now. It was around $50 a share like 18 months ago. BAD. I will need to look into substitute teaching, probably.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my charm worked.

Those of you on facebook who monitor my profile closely know...

He's my boyfriend.

Yes, it has not been long.

We have seen a lot of each other. A lot. And it has all been so wonderful.

My mom was thrilled to hear what a great mood I've been in. Everything feels fantastic.

His name is Damien, and he is my boyfriend.

And I am so very happy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

a couple good things.

Thing #1:

The gentleman I went out with a couple nights ago. We have since had two more evenings (stretching way, way into the night) that have been just wonderful. I am trying not to rush things, but this is going so, so very well. He wants me to be his lady-friend. We are not putting any official titles on each other, but this could potentially lead somewhere.

The man got my joke about Polish Scrabble (the W's and Z's being worth negative points - read a little Polish and you'll see what I mean), and has beat me twice at regular-Scrabble (he has scored on some real jerk-words, too. He turned "mace" into "grimace", and then into "grimaces", which got him 36 points. Also, he beat me single-handedly with the word "proxy" on triple-word score). He is a hardcore Dan and Genesis fan. He has played in a Toto cover band. He is so smart, and he makes me both laugh my ass off and smile like I have had the best day ever.

I have had the best weekend ever.

Thing #2:

I got my first crock pot, since I am such a lazy turd that I would rather my food cook itself. I am attempting some beef stew today, and I am praying it will not be awful.

Friday, November 07, 2008


I had a date last night.

A really, really successful date.

I suddenly feel incredibly pretty and confident.

He had really good hair.

Also, he was nothing but a gentleman.

I hope this pans out well, but I will take my moment of happiness and totally enjoy the hell out of it.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I am LIVID. So, so livid.

His friends are NOT my friends anymore.

He, and apparently others, found the situations surrounding our breakup so hilarious that his Halloween costume was his old work outfit, with cuffs.

I am disgusted. And I am unsure why this is bothering me so much. Except for that I had spent 6.5 years of my life with someone who could render me so disappointed.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

You make my dreams...

Is it a good or bad thing that I had a pleasing romantic (but not erotic) dream about Daryl Hall, wherein I was his girlfriend?

This was the younger Daryl Hall, mind you. With the really poofy ridiculous hair. But he was nothing but a gentleman.

Daryl Hall used to look like this:

Not bad, not bad at all. Except that he looks like this now.

He is 62. And he looks like THAT. Damn, but he has aged well. Like, he's definitely hotter now. Why couldn't THAT Hall be my boyfriend?

This video, I think, will provide sufficient evidence as to the Hall that was in my dream.

Hall and Oates - Method of Modern Love

That's right. My imaginary boyfriend had an incredible mullet.