Saturday, January 03, 2009


Yes, cleaning.

It is a super rare occasion when I feel like I am actually living in my own filth. That occasion is now.

Damien and I are not tidy people. In fact, you might call us slobs. I would certainly call myself a slob. Maybe he is not. He is more fastidious. He just makes piles. Also, the cats have basically vomited on every square inch of my floor. Also, my terrible IKEA dresser, which is broken in several ways, is exploding. So I am deep-cleaning today. Even more than when I basically threw out everything in my bathroom.

I am now One Of Those People Who Rents A Carpet Shampooer. Dog knows this place needs it. I am almost curious to find out the difference between the color that it is and the color that it should be. I am thinking "A Huge One, You Disgusting Lady".

Julia's apartment. Where every day is like garbage day.


Starshine said...

Good luck Slicey.

That is why I now have wooden floors!

Pepe said...

Hey Slice!

Think you could come over to our place and help with the cleanup once you're done with yours? ;-)

Great way to get 2009 started off on the right foot! I ought to get started on my own place as well...

Cygnus said...

Neither LC nor I are exactly neat freaks, and now with two boy kittens, our apartment generally reeks of poop.

We invited her 'rents over last month to get the place cleaned up, and we still didn't really get to the office.

Kimmah said...

hope you had fun cleaning....i was in full-on dejunk/dechaos mode this weekend. oh, and..........


i missed this. wtg, you!

Tummy said...

I sooooo could not live with you *grin

Hope things came out well and there were no incidents with the shampooer.

kim (weltek) said...

I had a cleaning weekend. Felt good. Enjoy shampooing!